The Dangers of Picking the Wrong Finger Protection Goalkeeper Gloves

What are the best finger protection goalkeeper gloves to buy?

And what are the dangers of getting the wrong pair?

With literally thousands of goalkeeper glove design and brands on the market, and loads of different types of finger protection goalkeeper gloves, how do you pick the best gloves for you or your child!

I have been involved in goalkeeping at the highest level for 20 years now, so I know a good and BAD goalie glove!

I have coached over 10,000 goalkeepers over the past 20 years, and one of the MOST IMPORTANT bits of advice I tell my students when I advise them on buying finger protected gloves is, when you try them on, make sure you can make a FULL FIST!

If you cannot do this, DO NOT BOTHER BUYING!

If you cannot make a full fist and you try and punch the ball you can easily break your fingers. In the early days, the finger protection goalkeeper gloves were brilliant at stopping your fingers bending backwards but the goalkeeper wearing these gloves had a terrible time trying to make a fist!

As technology has improved, this problem seems to have been solved with the majority of glove designs, but in certain ‘replica’ finger protection goalkeeper gloves, this is still a massive problem.

I would also not recommend buying a pair of finger protection goalkeeper gloves under £40.

Reason being cheap Finger spines are most probably used. These Finger Spines easily snap and can be so SO dangerous. I know everybody likes a bargain and seeing a pair of finger protection gloves at £20 looks a better of a bargain, but the chances are they won’t be?

I know this because when i design our gloves i have a choice of finger spines, which are cheap, cheaper or expensive… i choose expensive as i want piece of mind for my students who wear our gloves. Plus they would give me so much stick if I used cheap materials.

Remember it only costs that little bit more for quality and piece of mind!

However the good news is, there are A LOT of goalkeeper gloves now with finger protection, but this causes you a headache… how do you choose the correct finger protection goalkeeper gloves?

This is what I advise my students.

1. First search the net and check out as many finger protection gloves as they can.

2. See which brands they like.

3. Try and see if local shop stocks them. (So they can try on without buying)

4. You can also order off a internet store and simply return if you do not like. (Please make sure the glove company will do refunds though with no bother… as some do not!)

5. Do not be afraid to try different goalkeeper gloves as most are more or less the same now.

In fact, do you know most goalkeeper gloves are now made in the same factory!

They obviously just have their own brand on. I will be very honest with you and say that the Just4keepers finger protection goalkeeper gloves are made in the same factory as about ten other branded gloves and they are all more or less the same as the other goalkeeper gloves!

It’s just down to what brand you like and how much you want to pay.

But the message I want to get across in this article, is DO NOT buy finger protection gloves were you cannot make a fist.

I hope this helps.

Best of goalkeeping,

Ray Newland

Source by Ray J Newland

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