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Is life in the US getting too expensive for you too? We had to leave due to the economy effecting the sale of our house in New Jersey, and the fact we could not afford the monthly cost of living: Tax $ 1100 Oil $ 450 Electricity $ 280 and cost of living increasing almost every day.

We love warm weather, good food, and friendly people, so we moved to Mexico. At the moment, we are in Monterrey in the north of Mexico, about 2 1/2 hours south from McAllen Texas, but in another few months we are moving more south.

A popular destination for Americans and Canadians to retire is San Miguel de Allende. A beautiful old town with a large plaza with restaurants, terraces to hang out, and lots of activities like photography, painting and cooking classes. Located 40 miles from Queretaro, which is the nearest airport with daily service to the US.

Another great area is Lake Chapala with little towns like Chapala, Ajijic and San Antonio Tlayacapan.
Lake Chapala is located about 20 miles southeast from Guadalajara, Mexico's second largest city. The weather is just gorgeous year round between 70 and 85 degrees, and the pace is quit and the native population is very friendly. Enjoying the good life: shopping at the local stores, sipping a cup of coffee or have a meal at the plaza's terrace.
You do not need a car to get around in one of these little towns. You can walk around town and the lake front is only a few blocks away.

The town, that caught our eye, is Tequisquiapan. A little town located in Queretaro estate in the center of Mexico, is only 2 hour from Mexico City, 40 minutes from Queretaro city, with everything you need, without traffic, pollution and delinquency. It is still less patronized by Americans, then San Miguel and the Lake Chapala area, but the numbers are growing.

Tequisquiapan is famous for its thermal waters, and for being the center of a wine and cheese producing region. May 21-June 6, the town hosts its annual wine and cheese festival, bringing together wine and cheese producers from all over the country. Apart from wine and cheese tasting, visitors will also enjoy regional cuisine, concerts, handicrafts and other cultural events.

What we like the best about the smaller towns in Mexico, is the fact that the people love life, and it shows with colorful festivals, small stands with food, people gathering on the plaza with kids playing around. The whole scenery reminds you of the 'good old time in good old America'.

Lets look at the top 10 why we moved to Mexico:
# 1 Health Insurance, IMSS as it's called in Mexico, cost $ 300 a year. The insurance covers 100% of doctor visits, hospital stays and drugs with no co-pays.

# 2 A visit with our dog to the vet cost about 50% less as in the US.

# 3 The water bill is ± $ 8.00 a month.

# 4 Real-estate taxes average $ 50.00 a year.

# 5 Due to the fact that these areas do not need airco, the average electricity bill here is about $ 25.00 a month.

# 6 Basic cable television service is about $ 50 a month.

# 7 We bought our video phone, so we can talk to, and see our friends and family when ever we want for $ 29.99 per month.

# 8 Our food budget including fresh vegetables, fruit, fresh pastries etc average $ 50.00 a week.

# 9 Our maid works for us 2 days a week cost $ 30.00 a week.

# 10 A nice 2 bedroom apartment can be rented for ± $ 400 per month.

You can see that a couple can live quite well for about $ 1,200 a month, so if you are living on social security after seeing your 401K going down the drain due to the bad economy in the US, there is even space for some traveling around.

Source by Yvonne Stephens

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